martedì 15 ottobre 2013


There were shouts of ‘Urgh!’ and ‘That’s disgusting!’ this week in Lyric Square, along with stares from inquisitive residents doing their shopping and workers on their lunch breaks, as they passed a six-foot tall box filled to the top with rubbish.
The clear, plastic box stood in the square on Tuesday and contained waste collected from the rubbish bins and off the street in a half a mile stretch between Hammersmith Broadway and Hammersmith Town Hall in King Street.
Street cleaners from Serco, the council’s contractor, had to only make two visits to the box before it was completely full.
Around 30 bags were put into the box over an eight hour period to show how much rubbish is thrown away every day and to demonstrate that the majority of it could actually be easily recycled – if the right items, like drinks’ cans, plastic bottles and newspapers, had been put in the correct bin.
Officers from the council were on hand to speak to residents and listen to their suggestions on how to get more people recycling correctly, as well as hand out leaflets reminding people what items they can and can’t recycle.

For more information on the campaign visit and to find out what you can and can't recycle, visit

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