lunedì 23 settembre 2013


Starting a plastic recycling business is not at all a child’s play. You need to think of starting this business only if you have the required experience in the same.
What you need to know about plastic recycling business is that this business involves the collection, sorting and recycling of plastic waste material.
Opening a plastic recycling business means you need to be engaged in the work from collecting scraps, selling it to the consolidator for processing and much more. It is one of the most serious businesses and thereby demands a lot of investment.
The best aspect is that it is considered to be a very lucrative business keeping in view the demand for ‘green businesses’. It is important that you begin the work after getting the required machines for plastic recycling. Plastics that can be easily recycled are the thermo plastics which easily get softened on heating. On the other hand thermosetting plastics are not fit for getting heated since they get hardened upon heating. So when you begin the business you are going to be mainly concerned with the thermoplastics.
It will help in reducing the green house gas emissions and thereby help in saving energy. It helps to save oil and gas. It will also provide livelihood to a large number of people.
For starting the business you need to know who is going to supply you the scrap plastic which you will be recycling. You should also know about the thickness of the plastic, whether it will be wet or dry, which type of thermoplastic they will be providing you. Also, discuss beforehand about the prices which they will charge for the same.
It is important that the area for setting up the business is in the remote parts and not one where there is large population settled. It should have access to water treatment system. You will be dealing with a lot of dirt so you should protect yourself and your workers from running the risk of getting any major disease.
The average cost per tonne may range from $40-$60. But it requires a very heavyinvestment of around $1.5Million to set up the factory and get the required machinery. But you can expect a net profit of around $2 million in just the very first year.
Since it is a large business so you need to have a lot of machinery to make the business run smoothly. Also for every step of recycling various types of machineries will be required. These may include- Bales Breaker, Metal Detectors and Separator, Shredders and Granulators, Pre washing systems, rinse dryers and a lot many other types of machinery. So you can now know it is not going to be easy for you and you should have a large capital before stepping in this business.

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